How To Farm Horns in Palworld

Horns are a very useful resource for you to track down in Palworld, and this guide shows you the best ways to find them.

How to get horns in Palworld

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There are multiple resources you have to track down while playing Palworld, and a notable item you have to find is horns. These horns are used in a handful of recipes, but the recipes need to be unlocked as you level up your character.

Tracking down the horns can take some time while you’re playing Palworld, even if you’re working alongside friends. Trying to find the best way possible to locate them does take a bit of effort, but we’re going to make it easier by narrowing down the best way to locate this helpful resource and make it easier for you to complete your crafting projects. Here’s what you need to know about how to farm horns in Palworld.

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Where to Get Horns in Palworld

Where to find horns in Palworld
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You get horns from taking down specific Pals that are wandering around your world in Palworld. Some of the best Pals with horns as a drop are Eikthyrdeer, Arsox, and Caprity, which you can find throughout your world.

Eikthyrdeer has a good chance to appear to the north of your starting location, close to the ruins. Although they appear in other locations, such as the islands to the northeast, to the west, and the very far northwest of the map by the Bamboo Grove, finding these Pals early is a great way to regularly earn horns. Again, you need to defeat these Pals in the wild to acquire the horns they drop, or catching them works as well. They don’t work like iron, ore, or paldium.

Caprity will also appear in locations similar to where Eikthyrdeer regularly spawns, but I’ve found that it’s slightly rarer. I don’t recommend relying on these Pals as being a good source. Still, it’s good to know they’re a reliable source of horns in Palworld, especially if you want to expand your base locations.

The Arsox is a different story, though. While there’s a good chance that you can catch an Arsox by hatching a Scorching Egg, these appear to the northwest in the Bamboo Grove, close by the Twilight Dunes, they won’t be available until you get further in your Palworld. You and a group of friends might be able to spear forward through these locations to take on the tougher Pals, but it’s not recommended to strongarm your way through these locations, and it’s better to work on your base and level up your pals.

In my experience, the only way to acquire horns is by catching these Pals or defeating them in the wild. There might be other Pals that also drop horns, and I have yet to find them all. These do not go into your farm, and they won’t produce horns. Exploring your Palworld is the best option.