Where to find the barrier near the abandoned shrine and Konda Village in Genshin Impact

Track it down.

After scanning the earth kitsunes and reciting the sacred words in the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest, players will need to find another barrier. This won’t be marked on the map, and there can be some work involved in getting to it.

The first thing that players will need to do is ensure that they have the Rust Worn Key. They will need this to open a gate that is blocking them from accessing the barrier. The Rust Worn Key can be found down in the well where the players originally solved the first puzzle, behind the chief’s house in Konda Village.

Once they have it, it is time to head to the barrier itself. This can be found in a cavern below the abandoned shrine, but players will need to travel to a small pool to get access to it. Once they have the Rust Work Key, players can make their way to the location marked by the red arrow on the map below.

Here they will find a gate that can only be opened by the Rust Work Key, and inside will be an Oculus and the barrier that they seek. This take the form of another puzzle they will need to solve.