Where to find the Comedy Mask in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

The comedy duo of Sun and Moon in mask form.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Comedy Mask is one of the many collectibles you can find hidden throughout the pizzaplex in Security Breach. It depicts the new Sun and Moon characters from the game in a golden mask form. Unfortunately, you cannot get this item without the help of Freddy. Here is where you can find the Comedy Mask in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Before you can get your hands on the Comedy Mask, you will first need to be in a spot where you are able to roam around and use Freddy. Head on over to Rockstar Row and summon Freddy in the room where all of the greenrooms are. Locate the door in this area that has the Freddy logo above it. Hop inside Freddy and use him to get through this door.

Follow the stairs to the bottom and avoid going through any of the locked gates. Once you reach the bottom of the stairs, go through the gate on the left that has the small intercom attached to it. Follow the hallway until you reach the room that is filled with plush toys of Baby. On the shelf close to the hallway, you will find the present containing the Comedy Mask.