Where to find the Exotic Icy Grappler in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Cold touch.

Fortnite has introduced a new Exotic weapon in the form of the Exotic Icy Grappler. Although, it is more of an Exotic escape tool than anything else. Players can get the Exotic Icy Grappler by visiting Fabio Sparklemane at the Apres Ski lodge on the south side of the map.

Fabio can be found busting a move inside the lodge, and you will need to give him 400 Gold Bars to get the Exotic Icy Grappler from him. Gold Bars can be earned by opening chests, eliminating opponents, and completing challenges and bounties.

As we said, the Exotic Icy Grappler is more of an escape tool than a weapon. While it can be used to close distances, it’s better used to create them. The grappler can be aimed and fired to drag players along with the suction cup. Where the Exotic Icy Grappler is different is that it will create blocks of ice on your feet.

Do this down a slope, and the force of the grappler will propel you along on your icy blocks much faster than you could possibly run. As such, it’s a very fun weapon in Fortnite, but somewhat impractical. You won’t be able to change directions easily when you have the ice blocks on, so you could end up being a sitting duck in a fire fight.