Where to find the first IO Driller in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

They have arrived.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first IO Driller has arrived on the map in Fortnite. Players who are looking to track down the first appearance of IO during Chapter 3 will need to make their way to the east of Logjam Lumberyard where they will find the IO Driller in a small valley between some hills.

There are two IO guards there that are armed with Rare SMGs, an IO crate, and the driller itself which is now just sitting on the ground doing nothing.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Players should remember that Chapter 2 finished with the island flipping over, revealing a brand new island and seemingly trapping much of the Imaginary Order’s forces on the other side. Well, they have been busy drilling through to this side, no doubt in machines invented by Slone.

Now they have started to arrive, things on the island should get more interesting as they will probably seek to set up their own strongholds to combat the seven who already have multiple bases established on this side of the island.

We will no doubt learn more as the weeks go on. Players should make sure they try to finish up the Winterfest quests over the coming days, as they will be finishing up very soon.