Where to find The Foundation in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Rocky gonna get ya.

The Foundation has returned to Fortnite, in more ways than one. While The Foundation was happy to save us all from the Cube Queen, now that he is on map duty he is acting as an area boss and will be very intent on smashing your head in if you find him.

The Foundation can be found at Sanctuary near the eastern coast of the map, just to the north of the area in a flat area between some strange statues. Players who head to this area, as shown on the map below, will have the chance to take on The Foundation, but it won’t be easy.

The Foundation has a lot of health and shields and can tank plenty of damage. He is also armed with a Mythic MK-Seven Assault Rifle that will rapidly strip away your own health and shield if you get caught in the open against him.

Finally, The Foundation has abilities. He can summon a massive rock (get it?) and throw it at you, doing a lot of damage. This will be similar to how Doctor Doom’s old ability worked, for those who remember the Marvel crossover season.

If you managed to defeat The Foundation, you can get your hands on his Mythic MK-Seven Assault Rifle which will give you a major advantage in pretty much any encounter as it is all kinds of OP.