Where to find the Freddy Pinata in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

A Freddy filled with candy.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Freddy Pinata is one of the many collectibles you can find scattered throughout the pizzaplex in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. This item depicts a candy-filled version of your companion Freddy and can’t be retrieved until you have access to Fazer Blast. Here is where you can find the Freddy Pinata in Security Breach.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Before you can get your hands on this collectible, you will first need to get yourself the proper security clearance and a Party Pass. After you take care of Freddy in Parts & Services for the first time, you will be tasked with getting the Party Pass from Chica’s greenroom. Head to Rockstar Row and break into Chica’s greenroom to find the Party Pass on her table. Once you have that, you should also have a high enough security clearance to get into Fazer Blast.

Head to the atrium and go into the Fazer Blast location. Don’t take the elevator down. Instead, go to the right to find the Snack Space stand. Crouch under the counter to get into the area and follow the path to the right. You will find the present containing the Freddy Pinata on the shelves in the back of the Snack Space.