Where to find the Lost Helmet in Big Shots in the Fall Guys Spartan Showdown event

Big shots, big problems.

Image via Epic Games/Mediatonic

The Fall Guys and Halo crossover event, Spartan Showdown, is underway, with new challenges to complete and new accessories to unlock. There’s plenty to get stuck into in this event, but there are a few challenges that might require a bit more effort on your part than just showing up.

Though many of the new cosmetic items in the Fall Guys Spartan Showdown event are only purchasable using Show-Bucks in the store, there are several that can be unlocked by cashing in the points earned from completing event challenges. Some of these challenges are fairly straightforward, such as just playing Spartan Showdown at all or qualifying from a certain number of rounds, but there are four that require you to locate a Lost Helmet in some of the events. Here’s how to find the Lost Helmet in the Big Shots event.

Finding the Lost Helmet in Big Shots in Fall Guys Spartan Showdown

Big Shots is one of those levels that seems perfectly simple on paper, but can be a total nightmare in reality. The premise is a simple one — you and your bean-bodied compatriots are on a see-saw hovering over an ocean of goo, and you must stay on the platform to survive the round. Of course, nothing is ever that simple in Fall Guys. As soon as the round begins, several cannons surrounding the platforms will begin opening fire on the competitors, along with providing Blast Balls that players can use to knock each other off.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Similarly, the Lost Helmet in Big Shots is easy to spy. It hovers right above the central line of the platform, in plain sight. Of course, attaining it isn’t quite that simple. If you’re lucky you can nab it right at the start by jumping underneath it and hoping your fellow beans will buoy you up. Should that fail, though, there’s nothing for it but to use the see-saw to your advantage. Once it starts swinging in one direction, climb up to the higher ground and then jump and dive towards the helmet. With a bit of luck you’ll snatch it right out of the air, but watch your footing on the landing.