Where to find the Lost Helmet in Thin Ice in the Fall Guys Spartan Showdown event

Tread carefully.

Image via Epic Games/Mediatonic

The Fall Guys and Halo crossover event, Spartan Showdown, is underway, with new challenges to complete and new accessories to unlock. There’s plenty to get stuck into in this event, but there are a few challenges that might require more effort than just showing up.

Many of the new cosmetic items in the Fall Guys Spartan Showdown event are only purchasable using Show-Bucks in the store. There are several that can be unlocked by cashing in the points earned from completing event challenges. Some of these challenges are pretty straightforward, such as just playing Spartan Showdown at all or qualifying from a certain number of rounds, but there are four that require you to locate a Lost Helmet in some of the events. Here’s how to find the Lost Helmet in the Thin Ice event.

Finding the Lost Helmet in Thin Ice in Fall Guys Spartan Showdown

Winning a round of Fall Guys can be a slippery business, nowhere more so than in the Thin Ice level. In this round, beans must run around a rapidly disintegrating ice platform with several layers to avoid falling into the goop below. If you drop into that big pink mess, it’s game over.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Usually, the strategy in Thin Ice is to keep moving, trying to keep the layers of ice from breaking up too quickly. To get this Lost Helmet, you’ll need to drill down a few layers deliberately. Stay near the center of the stage, and let the platforms disappear beneath you. A few levels down, you’ll see the helmet poking out. Grab it, but make sure to get away quickly if you want to stay in the game — the helmet is perched on the final layer of ice, so if that gives way, it’s the great pink beyond for you.