Where to find the Night’s Calvary in Weeping Peninsula in Elden Ring

A rider wearing black armor wanders the road.

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As you explore the Lands Between in Elden Ring, you can find multiple bosses. Many of these bosses are hidden away in dungeons, castles or waiting for you to challenge them. However, a handful of them are wandering around the world, and if you stumble on them, you’ll have to fight them directly or flee. There are a handful of Night’s Calvary bosses you can find, and one of them is in the Weeping Peninsula. This guide covers where to find the Night’s Calvary in Weeping Peninsula in Elden Ring.

The Night’s Calvary will be wandering around the Weeping Peninsula. You can find it on the main road of the region, and we highly recommend going to the site of grace called Castle Morne Rampart. If you head to this location, the Night’s Calvary will spawn not too far away, allowing you to cut them off and fight them in the road.

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However, you might miss it. The Night’s Calvary will only spawn when it is nighttime. A good way to get around this is to go to the Castle Morne Rampary site of grace, pass time until night, and then wait for the Night’s Calvary. It should spawn on the road leading to Castle Morne on horseback. It’s difficult to miss. If you get close to it, the knight will turn to you and watch until you approach, and then attack.