Where to find the Rambutan Orchard secret in Lost Ark

Finding this secret is key to success.

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Lost Ark has a dense layer of quests that can easily overwhelm a new player. Most of the quests are standard to most MMOs, but some are unique to Lost Ark. Region quests, roster quests, and secret quests are all waiting to be discovered in the world of Lost Ark. Rambutan Orchard has a secret quest as well, and this guide will explain how to find and complete this secret.

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Finding the Rambutan Orchard Secret

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In the East Luterra region, head to the Flowering Orchard area to begin the search for this hidden quest. The red circle above is the hidden inn you will need to locate for this quest to work.

To begin this quest, you need a world drop that a monster unique to this region drops. Look for the Rambutan twisted tree enemy, which spawns in the area below the marked area above on the map.

These enemies will occasionally spawn with a pack of wasps, and the tree doesn’t have a perfect drop rate for the item needed either. After a couple of kills and some luck, they will drop Seamus’s Orchard Storage Key. Picking up this key will grant you the Rambutan Orchard Secret quest, but the map won’t show you where to go to actually do this hidden mission.

Completing Rambutans Orchard Secret quest

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This door will allow you to pass through it at the above location. This will only work with the key in your possession. Once inside, interact with the table and papers, and the quest will be complete. Finishing this hidden quest will grant several rewards.

Rambutans Orchard Secret quest rewards

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The quest rewards for this secret quest are as follows.

  • Character experience.
  • Roster experience
  • Eagle Ring accessory item.
  • Silver currency.
  • 100 Adept healing potions.
  • 350 Providence Stones.

Keep an eye out for many hidden quests in Lost Ark’s vast open world. Keep an eye on our guides for discovering gems or conquering difficult raid challenges as many secret quests will grant gems or discuss dungeons in detail.