Where to Find the Rustling Bush in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

Do you need some help finding the Rustling Bush in Season of Discovery? This guide details where to find this flora and your reward for correctly interacting with it.


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WoW Classic: Season of Discovery has plenty of secrets for players to find. This includes the Rustling Bush, an odd interactable object Hunter players should find early.

If you’re having difficulty finding the Rustling Bush, look no further. Here’s where to find the Rustling Bush in WoW Classic.

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Finding the Rustling Bush in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

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The Rustling Bush can be found in every starting zone in Season of Discovery: Dun Morogh, Durotar, Mulgore, and Tedrassil. They will look like ordinary bushes but stand out much more in certain areas due to the setting.

For my Orc hunter, the Rustling Bush was very obvious, given that the Durotar area is very barren, but for Night Elves, it may be a little tricky to spot. Below, we have listed the coordinates for the Rustling Bush in each zone so you can find them quickly, regardless of your race and area.

Dun Morogh28.8 49.8
Durotar40.6 52.0
Mulgore59.0 54.6
Tedrassil59.0 54.6

What to Do With Rustling Bush in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

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To interact with the Rustling Bush correctly and get the Master Marksman Rune, you will need to use the Hunters Mark spell you unlock at level 6. You can learn this spell from the hunter trainer. Target the Rustling Bush and then use Hunters Mark, which will reveal an enemy poacher.

Now, you will need to kill this enemy, though unlike some, such as the Wandering Swordsman, they aren’t rare or too difficult, so you should have no issue taking them down.

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Once they are defeated, you can loot them and get the Rune of Marksmanship; interact with this rune in your backpack to add it to your rune selection, and you can then attach this to your chest piece and get its passive effect.

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This rune is a great boon for hunters, especially in the early game, as it gives you a 5% increased critical strike chance and reduces the cost of your shot abilities, such as Arcane Shot, by 25%, so you will have less mana usage. You can fire off more powerful attacks more often!

How to Avoid Bots Spamming Rustling Bushes

Many players are reporting instances of Hunter bots spamming Rustling Bushes. This makes it quite difficult to farm them for the current Season of Discovery. One strategy to combat these bots is to get a fast melee weapon, make a target macro, and spam the Bush’s spawn point with the macro. This should allow you to get the Bush before the bot does.

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