Where To Find The Wandering Swordsman In WoW Classic Season Of Discovery

Need some help finding the Wandering Swordsman in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery? This guide will detail where to find this elusive NPC.


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WoW Classic: Season of Discovery is leaning into the exploration and discovery aspects of this seasonal version of the game. Players need to explore the world to unlock their new Runes, as well as complete puzzles, and defeat special NPCs. Here is our guide on the Wandering Swordsman in WoW.

The Wandering Swordsman drops a powerful rune that warrior players will want to get, but finding him is not easy. To help you find this NPC and get this reward, we’ve got all the details on where to find the Wandering Swordsman in each zone.

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Finding the Wandering Swordsman in WoW Classic Season Of Discovery

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The Wandering Swordsman can be found in several locations in Dun Morogh, Durotar, Elwynn Forest, Mulgore, and Tedrassil. He’ll be wearing blue armor will be standing in certain locations in each of the mentioned areas. The Wandering Swordsman will not be aggressive, as he has the green name denoting he is a friendly NPC, at least for the moment.

Only one Wandering Swordsman can be spawned at a time, and it seems the location is random between several set points in almost every zone, with the undead area Tirisfal Glades being the only area players haven’t found the NPC yet. In my case, I found them in Mulgore as my Tauren warrior, in the bottom right area of the zone.

Below, we have listed all the coordinates of the currently known Wandering Swordsman locations and will update this guide if and when more are found.

Wandering Swordsman WoW Locations

Dun Morogh53.6, 47.6
Durotar41.4, 49.0
41.0, 49.6
Elwynn Forest22.0, 72.6
22.2, 73.6
25.4, 70.0
30.2, 73.2
38,0, 75.4
38.8, 74.6
Mulgore60.2, 67.6
40.6, 53.2
45.6, 36.4
51.8, 39.2
Tedrassil43.8, 76.8
62.6, 71.8

Once you find the Wandering Swordsman and interact with them, they will ask you for a duel, which, being the warrior you are, you should accept. Though it’s not an easy fight.

Defeating the Wandering Swordsman in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

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The Wandering Swordsman is a level 7 rare NPC in Season of Discovery, which means it’s not an easy fight for lower-level characters. To defeat them, your best bet is to party up with other players who can help you beat them. It is ideal to have a healer and one DPS so you can be healed and have someone to deal more damage. I was not so smart when I first found them, and my character met their demise pretty quickly since this NPC will hit rather hard.

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Alternatively, you can level up a bit and come back to find them, as you will likely be stronger with more abilities by that point.

Getting the Rune of Blood Frenzy Reward

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After beating the Wandering Swordsman they will drop an item you can loot, rewarding you with the Rune of Blood Frenzy that you can attach to your chest piece.

This rune will cause you to gain three Rage whenever you deal bleed damage to an enemy, making it a rather strong rune to find early in Season of Discovery. Like other runes, once you have this and learn it, you will permanently be able to use it via the Rune Engraving system and can change it out or place it onto armor whenever you choose.

That’s all you need to know on the Wandering Swordsman in WoW.