Where to find the Sever — Rage Calus bobblehead in Destiny 2

Find this bobblehead while working through Rage.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Calus bobbleheads in Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted are difficult to track. You can find them in multiple locations, notably in the Sever missions. You can earn a unique triumph by finding all of the bobbleheads before the end of the season. One of these Calus bobbleheads appears during the Sever — Rage mission, where you chase after Caiatl as she challenges the Nightmare Ghaul to combat. Here’s where you need to go to find the Sever — Rage Calus bobblehead in Destiny 2.

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Sever — Rage Calus bobblehead location

You can find this bobblehead close to the end of the mission. It will be in the containment area where you find yourself stuck in the room with the Unrelenting Nightmare, a creature you cannot defeat through traditional combat, and you must instead find a way to evade and trap it. When you enter this area, make your way down the hallway, and look for a route on the left side. Head down to this location, and the Nightmare should follow you. Stick to the left, and keep an eye out for a small area underneath the platform, you should be able to find a small opening you can reach by crouching down.

Walk through the area, and the Calus bobblehead will be close to the middle of this platform. Again, you can only reach this location by crouching down.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You will need to get closer to this bobblehead to interact and grab it. We recommend seeking this bobblehead before attempting to get the Nightmare into the incinerator or after. We were able to find it before taking out the Unrelentless Nightmare, but you can repeat this mission if you miss it.