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Where to find the Space Ship collectible in Saints Row – UFO easter egg

First of all, it's not in Rojas Desert North.

The Space Ship is one of the many collectibles you can find, photograph, and use to decorate your church headquarters in Saints Row. Open the Collectibles app on your phone and check the Small list, and you’ll see that the Space Ship can be found in “Rojas Desert North. In shallow water at the foot of a mesa. On Route 66.” This is a pretty detailed description of the location of the crashed UFO you need to photograph in order to unlock the Space Ship collectible, but it doesn’t tell you exactly where it is (and it’s wrong).

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How to unlock the Space Ship collectible in Saints Row

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Before you can unlock any collectibles, you have to unlock the HQ by completing the Take Me To Church mission, then learn how to obtain collectibles by completing the next mission after that, namely Office Decor. Now, whenever you point your phone’s camera at certain objects in the environment, they’ll be highlighted and labeled in the viewfinder, and if you take a picture of them, they’ll become available as decorations for your HQ.

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Contrary to the in-game hint, the Space Ship collectible is in Rojas Desert South, not Rojas Desert North. It’s in a shallow pool of water on the east side of the highway at the northern edge of Rojas Desert South. Once you’ve found it, open your phone’s camera app and adjust your view of the crashed UFO until the reticule turns green. When you take a photo, a pop-up will tell you that the Space Ship collectible has been unlocked. Now return to the church and approach one of the many stands where you can place small collectibles. The Space Ship collectible will now be unlocked and available.

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The Space Ship collectible isn’t the only crashed UFO in Saints Row. There’s another larger one in the center of the Badlands South region, in among a cluster of mesas. This larger UFO is not a collectible, though.

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