Where to find the Stasis Pack schematics in the Dead Space remake

Unlock Stasis Packs for sale at the store.

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The Stasis Packs are an effective way to refresh your Stasis module in the Dead Space remake. You typically want to reserve these packs to use them while fighting against the Necromorphs. When you’re attempting to use a Stasis charge on a puzzle or to advance the main game, there’s a Stasis recharge station nearby. The Stasis Packs are tough to come by, but you can unlock them in the store if you find their schematics. Here’s what you need to know about where to find the Stasis Pack schematics in the Dead Space remake.

How to get the Stasis Pack schematics in the Dead Space remake

The Stasis Pack schematic will appear on the ground while you’re out exploring the Ishimura. You’re going to find it on the path to locating the Shock Pads in an attempt to destroy the barricade blocking your way into the medical wing. You can choose to go after the Shock Pads or make it a second priority. Regardless of when you choose to go down this path, it will take you to the Main Lab, where a quarantine will happen, and multiple Necromorphs will spawn.

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You will need to take down the Necromorphs at this location and then go down to the second level. The quarantine will remain active until you dispatch all Necromorphs on the top and bottom floors. Once the quarantine has lifted, make your way to the second floor, and head inside the Main Lab Changing Room.

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Inside this room is a locker room, and on the right side will be the Stasis Pack schematic. You can then bring them with you to a nearby store, and these will now unlock as an available item you can purchase using Credits.

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