Where to find vinegar in Digimon Survive

Sour sauce for a sticky situation.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Early in the story of Digimon Survive, you will come across a desk in an old classroom that contains a spirit lamp, an important tool that is critical to advancing farther in the game. There’s a small problem, though, as the desk is covered with cobwebs that block you from accessing its compartment. The webs are too sticky and strong for even Agumon to break without some help.

Screenshot by Gamepur

At this point, Ryo gives you a big hint, telling you that vinegar can be used to make sticky things less sticky. But unless you’ve searched the school thoroughly to this point, there’s a good chance you haven’t come across any vinegar yet. If, by chance, you already have the vinegar and are looking for a place to use it, just head to the classroom and use it on the webbed desk.

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Where to find the vinegar, and how to use it

Screenshot by Gamepur

Finding the vinegar is a simple enough task once you know where to look. All you need to do is head to the school’s cafeteria and check the locker in the far corner of the room, shown above. When you check this locker, you’ll find a bottle full of vinegar there — just what you need to get out of your sticky situation.

Once you have the vinegar, head to the classroom and use it on the web-covered desk. Doing this will consume the item in the process. Although the vinegar won’t help get the desk unstuck immediately, it will soften up the webs just enough for Agumon to cut through them with its claws, giving you easy access to the spirit lamp inside. Good thing, too, since that lamp will come in handy during the first boss encounter of the game: a fight with the spider Digimon Dokugumon.