Where to find Yakow Chucks in Final Fantasy XIV

Add some meat to your meals.

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You’ll be trying to find several types of resources throughout your time in Final Fantasy XIV. These resources are crucial for you if you want to level up your character’s Disciple of Hand profession or sell them on the marketboard to other players. If you’re looking for Yakow Chunks, you have to search in a specific location. This guide will cover where to find Yakow Chunks in Final Fantasy XIV.

You can find Yakow Chunks in a handful of locations. The best way to locate it is by hunting down the Yakow creatures that spawn in Labyrinthos. You can find them spawning roughly around the east side of The Medial Circuit, south of The Outer Circuit at coordinates (X:16.2, Y:10.5). The problem with farming them this way is that Yakow won’t always drop these items.

Another way you can earn them is by purchasing them from the Gemstone Trader in Labyrinthos at coordinates (X:29.9, Y:13.0) at The Archeion. You will need Bicolor Gemstones to exchange with the trader to receive the Yakow Chunks. They will trade you two Bicolor Gemstones for every Yakow Chunk.

The final way to earn them is to purchase them directly from your server’s marketboard. The price will vary depending on the demand on your server and the willingness of other players who want to sell it.