Where to forage mushrooms for Madcap in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Gone picking.

New Punchcards are available in Fortnite that require players to complete multistage quests for NPCs that can be found around the map. One of them is Madcap, and he needs your help standing up for the mushrooms. Each of the quests is worth a small amount of XP. The first quest is worth 12,000 XP, and each step goes up in 2000 XP after that, finishing on 20,000 XP.

The second quest you will need to finish for Madcap, after finding him in the southeast of Corny Crops, is to forage for Mushrooms. Madcap wants to help his people move, and he is asking for your help to do it. The best place to do this is actually in Sludgy Swamp, which is filled with mushrooms.

If you make your way to the southwest corner of Sludgy Swamp, you will find lots of mushrooms growing between the old IO Satellite Base and the shacks along the south of the coast. All you need to do is gather or consume two of them to finish up the challenge. Once you finish the quest, you will earn 14,000 XP for your troubles. You will also unlock the next step in the quest chain which is to craft a weapon.

Madcap Punchcard Quests

  • Destroy a tractor
  • Forage for Mushrooms
  • Craft a weapon