Where to get Chi Bolts in Final Fantasy XIV

A specific item you loot in Endwalker.

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The Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion brings an end to the storyline that’s been ongoing in the game for the past decade. With the addition of Endwalker, there are plenty of new mounts, exclusive rewards, and areas to check out as you progress through the Main Story Scenario and return to them after beating it. For those on the lookout for Chi Bolts, a resource you can find in Endwalker, you’ll need to complete a few steps to find the creature that drops it. Here’s what you need to do to find Chi Bolts in Final Fantasy XIV.

Before looking for Chi Bolts, we recommend you complete the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion Main Scenario Questline and acquire all Aether Currents in Ultima Thule. Finishing these tasks will assist you in achieving your goal.

Once you’ve done that, you then have to play the waiting game. Unfortunately, the Chi Bolts are tied to a specific FATE Boss that appears in Ultima Thule, Chi, that spawns during the Omicron Recall: Killing Order FATE. You need to wait for two FATEs to spawn around the Base Omicron location to trigger this FATE. If Chi can spawn is not on cooldown, it should appear.

Chi spawns on The Lost Hydraulic piece of land, directly north of Ostrakon Deka-Hexi at coordinates (X:34.1, Y:21.1). Unfortunately, you can only reach this location if you have a mount that can fly, which makes unlocking all Aether Currents in Ulta Thule essential.

The Boss FATEs typically have a timer for each server. An excellent way to keep track of this is by following your server’s time. You and a large group of players will need to work together to defeat Chi, and there’s a chance that you can receive Chi Bolts by participating. If you earn a Silver Medal of Completion, you receive one Chi Bolt, but you’ll receive five if you earn a Gold Medal of Completion.