Where to get Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe in Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy’s recipes can come in handy in tough situations. Restoring your Satiety will help you recover health outside of combat, but using healing meals while in or about to enter combat can give you the edge in a tough fight. If you are looking for a good healing meal to make at a cooking station, one that we recommend is the Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe, which can be found early in Tower of Fantasy. Here is how to get it.

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Where to find the Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe in Tower of Fantasy

While you can get the Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe by the Creation tab at a cooking station, you can also easily buy it from a Food Vendor. If you go to Banges Dock, you can find a food stand with a big sign that says “Hot Pizza Fast Food,” but that is not where you can find what we are looking for. Instead, take the stairs to the right of that location, and you will find another food stand with a tire for a sign. At the counter, standing next to Collie, will be Margarette. Speak to her, and you will find the Spicy Chicken Burger Recipe purchasable for 1,000 Gold. It is only purchasable once, so if you already have it, don’t worry; the game won’t let you buy it again.

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When you have the Recipe, the following ingredients can make the Crispy Chicken Burger:

  • One Homi Grain
  • One Poultry Meat
  • One Lettuce

All of these items are pretty easy to come by in the open world, so you should be able to make them quickly. When you eat the Crispy Chicken Burger, you will get back seven Satiety and recover 12% off your health, plus an additional 2,500, making it a nice dish to have in your back pocket when things are getting dicey.

How to make a Crispy Chicken Burger in Tower of Fantasy

After you have the recipe and ingredients, find a cooking site and place the Homi Grain, Poultry Meat, and Lettuce in the Create section to make your Crispy Chicken Burger. When you eat it, you will have an Uncommon item that will replenish a little bit of health.