Where to get Ether Cane in Destiny 2 The Dawning 2022

Bake the best cookies.

Image via Bungie

For those on the hunt for more ingredients to use in The Dawning for Destiny 2, you’ll want to scour everywhere to find them. When locating Ether Cane, you’ll need to eliminate Fallen enemies to secure this ingredient. Where you find them comes down to you, but a few locations are better than others. Here’s what you need to know about where to get Ether Cane in Destiny 2.

How to get Ether Cane in Destiny 2’s The Dawning 2022

Again, for Ether Cane, you can only obtain it by defeating Fallen enemies. You can eliminate them in any way you want to, so long as you take them out. When finding Fallen enemies, you can typically find them in the EDZ on Earth. Once you arrive at the EDZ, the Fallen should be everywhere, all over the planet. However, the Lost Sectors are a good way to find them or participate in the Public Events close to Trostland. You want to avoid heading over to the Sunken Isles, though.

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When eliminating Fallen foes for Ether Cane, you may want to use specific weapons against them, depending on the rare ingredients you want to gather. These rare ingredients include Impossible Heat, Electric Flavor, Null Taste, or similar materials. If you’re also hunting after things like these for your Dawning adventure, you’ll want to double-check what specific weapon or ability you need to use to hunt after those. When you’re taking down Fallen foes, you can receive Ether Cane simultaneously.

When you’re done harvesting these materials, open up your Quest Page and finish any recipes for your favorite cookie delights. The person who will receive it will greatly appreciate it, and you can progress further into The Dawning 2022 event.