Where to get Keycards in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

If you want a Keycard, you need to drop a boss.


A new item introduced to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is Keycards. Keycards tie into the new locations in the game and will open secret Vaults that can found there. All of the below locations have a Vault:

  • TA – The Agency
  • TY – The Yacht
  • TG – The Grotto
  • TS – The Shark
  • TR – The Rig

All the Keycards will be held by a boss. The boss will also be protected by numerous Henchmen. Things can get pretty murderous if there are other players around, so you will need to be careful. The bosses also have some powerful weapons, so while they are not that difficult to take out, they can take you out pretty quickly if you are sloppy.

  • The Agency – protected by Midas, armed with a new weapon called Midas’ Drum Gun.
  • The Yacht – protected by Meowscles, armed with an assault rifle.
  • The Grotto – protected by Brutus, armed with a minigun.
  • The Shark – protected by Skye, armed with an assault rifle.
  • The Rig – protected by TnTina, armed with a Boom Bow that fires explosive arrows.

When you kill the boss, they will drop the keycard, and you will need free space in your Inventory to be able to carry it. Don’t forget to the grab the special weapon that the boss drops as well. An icon will then appear on the screen, showing you where to go to find the Vault. You will need to be careful, as they can be heavily protected by emplaced turrets and Henchmen.

Once you get into the Vault, you will find some chests and plenty of loot. You will even get a nice XP boost for managing to get in there, which is a good reward to help you rank up that Battle Pass.