Where to get Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft version 1.19

Get digging.

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Lapis Lazuli are blue crystals that players can collect in Minecraft; these items are based on real-world gems of the same name. Players can gather them in multiple ways, but where they’re located has changed since the release of Minecraft version 1.19.

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Where is Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft

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Like almost everything in Minecraft, Lapis Lazuli can be mined underneath the ground. In older versions of Minecraft, Lapis Lazuli were found closer to the surface and would be available in batches. The 1.19 update makes the mineral rarer to find and forces you to dig deeper to find them.

The Minecraft world map is divided by XYZ coordinates, with each letter in the coordinates determining your position in the world. Y determines your position up and down on the map. A positive Y value increases your position upward, while a negative Y value increases your position downward. Negative Y values mean you’re deeper underground. You can find your XYZ coordinates on PC by pressing the F3 key on Windows or the fn+F3 key on Mac.

Lapis Lazuli spawns between Y level 64 and -64. They are the most common within Y level 0, so dig down until your coordinates are Y level 0 and start searching for Lapis. Lapis will be found in blocks covered in dark blue minerals and can only be mined with a Stone Pickaxe or stronger. Lapis Lazuli are also in chests located in Mineshafts, Villages, and Shipwrecks. You can also trade for Lapis in Villages, but mining will reward you the most Lapis if you’re patient enough.

What is Lapis Lazuli used for?

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Lapis are used to dye anything blue, including beds, glass, and banners. You can also craft Lapis to make blue concrete powder or a solid blue block. But the mineral is more vital for enchanting objects on the Enchanting Table. You need to accumulate a high enough level and have enough Lapis to upgrade your weapons or armor on the Enchanting Table. The higher the level you are, the better the upgrade ends up being.