Where to get Mist Grass Pollen in Genshin Impact

Weapons aren’t allergic to pollen.

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Genshin Impact is an action RPG with a lot of weapons to unlock and level up. Leveling up weapons requires ascendant materials, and these can be hard to find. Mist Grass Pollen is one of these rare resources. This guide will explain where to get Mist Grass Pollen in Genshin Impact.

How to find Mist Grass Pollen in Genshin Impact

Mist Grass Pollen is a one of three Mist Grass ascendant materials. Mist Grass Pollen is the most common variant of Mist Grass, which makes it easier to farm than the other two above it.

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This rare material drops from two sources. It is a common drop after defeating a Fatui Cicin Mage, and it can be bought with Stardust Exchange Currency.

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The easier method of the two is chasing down Mages and defeating them in the open world. They are powerful enemies but aren’t as strong as elemental bosses or monsters. You can find the Cicin Mages by opening your Journal using the options wheel, then selecting the bosses tab. Scroll down the options to the Cicin Electro Mage and click on them. This action will place a marker on your map, showing you where to find this enemy. You can then go to the marked point and fight them.

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These mages are tricky and can wield Electro or Cyro elemental powers. Use characters with area of effect attacks, as they are agile and can teleport if they are in danger. Once defeated, they will drop various items, including Mist Grass Pollen.

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The other method of earning Mist Grass Pollen comes through the rare Stardust currency. To spend Stardust, you must access the in-game shop. Once you access the shop, head to the fourth tab, titled Paimon’s Bargains.

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It costs five Stardust for one Mist Grass Pollen, and you can buy up to 16 of these materials monthly. This material can’t be crafted, so spend it wisely when choosing which weapons to ascend and level. Make sure to hunt down Fatui Cicin Mages or save your Stardust for the market. These are the only places where you can get Mist Grass Pollen in Genshin Impact.