Where to get Pixie Wings in Final Fantasy XIV

The Pixie Wings can fly you to the moon.

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You’re going to find several appearances and accessory items that you can place on your character in Final Fantasy XIV. Many of these items are discovered through completing achievements, but others are directly through gameplay activity and a good amount of grinding. You have your work cut out for those searching for the Pixie Wings accessories. In this guide, how to get the Pixie Wings in Final Fantasy XIV. These are tied to the Endwalker expansion.

The Pixie Wings are not a reward you receive for turning in a specific amount of current or from grinding out a particular dungeon or trial. Instead, you’ll need to locate the Timeworn Almastyskin and Kumbhiraskin Treasure Maps. These maps have a chance to drop while searching at gathering nodes or fishing spots with your Disciple of Land character at level 85 and 90 locations, respectively. You need to be at level 85 or 90 locations to find the Timeworn maps.

Alternatively, you can see if any of these maps are available on the marketboard, but you can expect them to be a pretty hefty price. The Timeworn maps can appear whenever completing the Disciple of Land tasks but have an 18 hour cooldown time. But you don’t have to wait for that long to use a map and search for its contents. You can expect to fight an equally powerful mob of enemies when you appear at the buried treasure location.

The Pixie Wings have a chance to drop when completing these Timeworn maps, although they’re pretty rare.