Where to get pumpkins in Tower of Fantasy

Let’s make some Pumpkin Porridge.

Image via Level Infinite

Pumpkins are a food item in Tower of Fantasy, and like any other food in the game, you can use them in cooking and eating. Consuming the Pumpkin dishes or eating them raw will restore some of your sanity, give you various boosts and restore health. It’s definitely worth getting your hands on some pumpkins in Tower of Fantasy. However, finding them can be challenging, as there are only a few places where you can get them. Even more so, there is a caveat if you want to find pumpkins in Tower of Fantasy, depending on your region.

Best pumpkin location in Tower of Fantasy

Know that the only place where you can get any pumpkins is Vera, which is a Chinese-exclusive area as of this writing. This means that you can not get your hands on any pumpkins and its recipes for now. You can only get pumpkins and its related recipe when the new update is out.

In Vera, pumpkins will generally grow at the edge of quicksand belts. On the map, you can find three quicksand belts in the area south of the Silent Oasis. Once you are there, just look for the quicksand belts; you will easily spot pumpkins at their edges. The pumpkins look like they are bulging out of the ground and are greenish in color. There will be a bunch of them at each belt, and you will easily be able to gather enough.

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The pumpkins help you recover +5% and 400 sanity, which is very useful in various situations, especially when you are about to die. Additionally, you can use pumpkins to make various dishes like Pumpkin Porridge, which help you a lot in the game. After you find some pumpkins, you can unlock many good recipes.