How to get a Living Ship in No Mans Sky

Get a living, breathing ship in No Man’s Sky.

No Man's Sky

Image via Hello Games

No Man’s Sky’s Living Ship update introduced organic spaceships made out of alien flesh for you to fly around in. If you are new to the game, it might be some time before you can get your hands on one. If you can’t summon an Anomaly yet, you will need to proceed through the game until you have discovered your first one in the vastness of space, and after that, you can get down to the long task of getting your Living Ship.

Step 1 – The Anomaly

Your first step is to head to space, summon the Anomaly, and then get yourself a Void Egg. You can purchase a Void Egg there for 3200 Quicksilver. If you don’t have enough Quicksilver, then it is time to knock out some daily and weekly missions at the Nexus. 

Step 2 – Melody of the Egg

When you have you Void Egg, head back to space and start warping around. After a random number of warps, you will get a message, and the Melody of the Egg step will begin. This is all about warping around, as you will get a random message from warping a random number of times. Record the message that you can get, as there are thirteen possible messages that you might receive. You will get new messages at what appear to be random intervals, based on a random number of warps. The first twelve messages are references to some glyph placements that you will need later, while the last one will indicate which galaxy you need to be into progress the quest.

Step 3 – Find a Portal

When you have all 13 messages, it is time to find a Portal. All planets should have one Portal on them. Finding it might take a little time, but just pick a planet and explore until you manage to track it down. All Portals look the same, and consist of a collection of large blocks and stone, with a number of inlaid circles at the center. When you find a Portal, you need to input the Glyphs from the messages in the order they were received.

Step 4 – Through the Portal

Once all the Glyphs have been entered into the Portal, it will transport you to a new planet, and you will get another message. Follow the instructions in the message to get to a location within that solar system. When you arrive, you will get another message telling you to “Watch for us in the stars.”

Step 5 – Back to space

Head back to space, and fly around at pulse speed until your ship detects an anomaly. If you drop out of pulse speed, you will meet a Living Ship, and this will begin the Starbirth mission.

Step 6 – Starbirth

The Starbirth mission involves following your Void Egg’s instructions to find certain planets and components that you need for your Living Ship. Because this is all random, just like the Glyph order, we can’t show you where you will need to go. Once you find the right planet, you will be giving coordinates when you enter the atmosphere, so if you don’t get them, you will need to try a different planet.

Follow the coordinates, land, and then search for a relic that will give you the blueprint you need to build a ship component. Build the component, and you will move onto the next part of the quest. Follow the Void Egg’s instructions, find all the parts you need, and build them, and a Living Ship will be yours.