Where to get Serrated Aligo Fangs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

No time for shark tales.

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Serrated Aligo Fangs are a material that is hard to come by in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. They can be used primarily for Gem Crafting and help complete Collectopaedia Cards you earn from building affinity with colonies. The enemies that drop Serrated Aligo Fangs are not easy to find. This guide will explain where to get Serrated Aligo Fangs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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Where and how to find Serrated Aligo Fangs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The Serrated Aligo Fang isn’t a rare material, but the creature you must hunt to get them is. Aligo has been a walking shark monstrosity in all of the Xenoblade games, and they haven’t changed much in this go-around either.

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Spocked Aligo is the variant you can find once you reach chapter four. This chapter will open up the Pentelas region to explore freely. You will find a towering waterfall near the Aquifer Exhaust landmark in this region filled with Spocked Aligo. You can find these creatures later in the game, but this location is the best place to hunt them efficiently.

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You can find Elite and Normal versions of this elusive creature. This area is called the Great Cotte Falls. This enemy ranges from level 25 to 27, but at this point in the story, they should be no match for your party. Defeating them will drop common and rare versions of Serrated Aligo Fangs. This material is used for various purposes, but it should be saved for crafting Gems. Gems are items that can augment your characters and provide the best bang for your buck.

Once you clear a group of these creatures out, Skip Travel back to the Aquifer Exhaust landmark. Run around where the Spocked Aligo roams and farm as much of this rare material as you need in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.