Where to get Large Flamii eggs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

These eggs are farm fresh.

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Large Flamii eggs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are a common resource but one that can be easy to miss. This resource is handy for some of Manana’s cooking recipes, but they are best saved for crafting and upgrading Gems. Gems are used for augmenting your characters and making them more powerful. This guide will explain where to get Large Flamii eggs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to get Large Flamii Eggs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Large Flamii eggs come in two different rarities. They can drop as common or rare resources. To track these precious eggs down, you must hunt Opulent Flamii creatures. These creatures are easy to farm, as they are only around level three but are easy to miss. They have their own watering hole, and it’s near the beginning of the game. Head south of Colony 9 in the Aetia region, and you will find a body of water with a swarm of Opulent Flamii in abundance. Since they are low-level, you can easily pull entire groups and put them down quickly.

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Opulent Flamii are no match for your group, even during the first chapter. They are docile, and you can take them out in droves with a whole group. Just about every Opulent Flamii drops one or two eggs, so a couple of laps should net you 20 or more eggs. If you run out of enemies to farm, fast travel back to Colony 9, and they will respawn when you march back to them.

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Once you have used them for crafting all of the Gem upgrades you need, save these eggs for different recipes at a Rest Spot. Manana can use them to buff your characters and make exploration less arduous.