Where to hunt Wolves in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

What big teeth they have.

One of the punchcard challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is to hunt wolves. This is a quest that needs to be completed for Grim Fable, who will be added to the game a few weeks into the season.

As part of step four of her punchcard, she will request that you hunt some wolves for her. While wildlife was plentiful in the Primal season, this is the season of the cube, and wildlife is now kind of rare.

The best place that we have found to hunt wolves is actually around Boney Burbs. This area was added in the Primal season and has remained ever since. It also seems to keep a pretty good rate of wildlife spawns in the surrounding areas.

You can find groups of up to three wolves to the southwest and the east of Boney Burbs. Just make sure you loot up a bit before you go after them, as the wolves will have no problem trying to chomp you if they can.

While wolves do appear elsewhere on the map, it’s hard to pinpoint another spot where they will appear with the same regularity as Boney Burbs. As such, make sure you check this area if you are trying to finish the punchcard challenge.