Where To Raise Your Banner At A TIE Fighter Crash Site in Fortnite


The First Order has invaded Fortnite. Now that the main Star Wars event is over, the Star Wars Challenges have begun. The challenges will give you a chance to engage with Star Wars differently, use Lightsabers, and generally have some fun. You can earn a Banner icon, First Order Back Bling, and the Jedi Training emote.

TIE Fighter Crash Sites Fortnite

One of the challenges is to raise your Banner at a TIE Fighter crash site. You can find locations for these on the map above. One is just to the south of Steamy Stacks, another is to the north of Retail Row, to the south of Slurpy Swamp, only to the south-west of Sweat Sands, and to the east of Salty Springs.


It’s not hard to find the exact location of the crash site, as there will be smoke rising in the sky from it. You do need to be careful, as the area will be swarming with First Order Stormtroopers. It is best to land a good bit out from the site, then make your way in. While you are doing this, you can complete the challenge that requires you to take out a First Order Stormtrooper from 100 meters out, or with a Lightsaber.

You will have to take out all the Stormtroopers, then go into the center of the site and raise your Banner to complete the challenge. You will need to do this six times in total to fully complete all three stages of the challenge. The areas will also be teeming with other players, so prepare for a lot of fighting if you try to complete this challenge.

You should also keep an eye open for the First Order Blaster. Stormtroopers will drop this item when you kill them, and you need it to complete one of the other Star Wars challenges. You will need to do damage with the Blaster to either First Order Stormtroopers or other players.