Where to swim over hatches at the Agency in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Wait an hour after eating.


One of the challenges for the Storm the Agency set is to swim over one of the hatches at the Agency. This is a fairly basic but slightly risky challenge. The first thing you will need to do is get to the Agency. This should be well-known now, but we have a map below showing you where it is, just in case.

The Agency Location

The hatches are actually at the bottom of the lake, surrounding the Agency. There are five in total, and you can find them all marked on the image below.


Swimming over one is risky, because you have a good chance of getting shot while out in the open water, but it has to be done. As for what the hatches are for, we will hopefully be finding out soon. Various theories exist, including potential links to the Doomsday Device that Midas is building in the Agency itself.

Some people believe that the hatches contain missiles that are aimed at five areas of the map, and that Midas’ plans to take out any areas that have fallen under Shadow control throughout the season.

This is the last set of challenges that will be added to the game this season, as it is due to wrap up on June 4. This means a whole new season is not far away, including all the fun stuff that usually involves. Will we get to see more of the story play out between Ghost and Shadow? It certainly seems that way.