Where to throw birthday presents in Fortnite for the 4th Birthday Celebrations

Keep the receipt.

Fortnite is celebrating its fourth birthday, and one of the challenges is to throw birthday presents. This is an interesting challenge, as birthday presents can be hard to find.

Birthday presents are gold items that will spawn anywhere on the map as ground loot. They can then be thrown like a grenade, and when they land they will spawn a giant birthday present. Inside will be some items, including a Legendary weapon.

If you wish, you can also throw the present directly at the ground beneath you to spawn it around, offering some protection in a firefight. The downside to this is that it will lock you in, and you won’t have any vision of what is outside. You can then smash your way out with a harvesting tool.

The only way to find these birthday presents is to look all over the map and to be alert. They can be a little hard to spot, so keep your eyes open for them as you run around. When you do find one, pick it up and then pretend it is a grenade. When you hold the aim down sights button to throw it, you will see a large outline of where the box will form, and can then decide if you want to let fly or not.

To pass the challenge, all you need to do is throw four birthday parents, you don’t need to do anything else with them. If you get really lucky, sometimes another birthday present will spawn inside the one you throw.