Where to use Prestige Keys in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Decade-old calling cards and icons finally return!

Image via Treyarch

If one can remember, ages ago, back in September 2020, developer Treyarch teased an item shop only to treat those who would go on to prestige in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Fast forward to Season One, many who have “prestiged” countless times are left with a ton of keys and no clue as to where to use them.

How to find the Prestige Shop

Screengrab via Justalomm’s YouTube channel

Rather than digging in the Franchise Store for places to spend your keys, drop down from the Multiplayer main menu’s Barracks tab, click on the Progression option, and the shop should appear on the bottom-left of your screen. There have been bugs preventing the shop from appearing, at times. If this is the case for you, try leaving and returning to the Multiplayer menu.

What’s inside the Prestige Shop

Via TheMW2Ghost’s Twitter account

As for what the store holds, it is every longtime Call of Duty fan’s dream. Inside, there are two main catalogs that players can browse through: Calling Cards and Prestige Icons. According to Twitter user TheMW2Ghost, one of the first to witness the store, these sections bear new, exotic cards and prestige icons, as well some from former games, dating all the way back to the original Black Ops.

From the looks of it, these items will not be for sale via COD Points, but each will require only one Prestige Key to unlock and equip. In addition, once the store is open, the game will reward players exclusive prestige calling cards when reaching the max Prestige level for the season.