Which songs are by Toby Fox in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet? Answered

Mr. Toby Fox composed some real gems in the game.

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Undertale and Deltarune fans were excited when it was announced that Toby Fox was composing some of the music for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Fox’s work on the soundtrack for Undertale has received critical acclaim, with the track “Megalovania” becoming incredibly popular over the years. Fans hoped that Fox would bring the same whimsical music styles from Undertale into Pokémon, but Scarlet and Violet do not list what tracks Fox worked on.

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Which music tracks from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are from Toby Fox?

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The credits for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet list all the composers that worked on the game, yet it doesn’t lists which tracks were composed by whom. Fortunately, Toby Fox emailed which music tracks he worked on in the Undertale/Deltarune newsletter, revealing he composed more than one track for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

The music pieces he contributed are:

  • “Tera Raid Battles”
  • “Academy Ace Tournament”
  • “Battle! Zero Lab”
  • “Field Music”

Tera Raid battles are unique battles in Scarlet and Violet, where you travel to an underground den to fight against a Terastallized Pokémon. You can fight the Terastillized Pokémon alone or with a group of four friends online. The Academy Ace Tournament is a post-game event where the students and faculty participate in a Pokémon tournament. Fox composed the battle theme for the Tera Raid battles and the tournament.

The “Battle! Zero Lab” song is considered the game’s highlight and is played in the decisive fight against the secret final boss. The tone of “Battle! Zero Lab” is grand and epic, similar to the grandiose nature of “Megalovania” from Undertale, and is Fox’s standout track for Scarlet and Violet. Fox also initially composed music for the Academy, which was repurposed to be one of the main field themes you hear throughout the game. Fox also emphasizes that the other tracks in the game that use the same melodies from the music he composed were not created by him but by the other composers in the soundtrack. Fox also composed a version of the “Area Zero” musical score, which was re-arranged by Pokémon veteran composer Gō Ichinose.