Which SSR Relic should you choose first in Tower of Fantasy?

So many good choices available.

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Relics in Tower of Fantasy are required for you to make it around the open world of the MMO. Some of them can even be used in combat, giving you a leg up on any enemies trying to gang up on you. Quite a few of these Relics are gained through story progression, but you can also get opportunities to pick up some in special select boxes. When you get a chance to select an SSR Relic of your choice, which one should you go with?

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What is the best SSR Relic to choose in Tower of Fantasy?

When choosing between SSR Relics in Tower of Fantasy, there really is no wrong choice. Our personal recommendation is the Colossus Arms, which is also available from a quest. However, getting a duplicate will get you extra resources to help you purchase the advancement upgrades for it, making it even more powerful in combat, which is its main calling.

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While the Colossus Arms are active, you are immune to hit stun, and you gain massive buffs to your normal and ability damage and knock back enemies further. When you begin advancing it, you will earn the following upgrades:

  • One star – Fire two missiles every time you attack that deal damage to enemies
  • Two stars – Cooldown is reduced to 200 seconds
  • Three stars – Fire a total of four missiles every time you attack that deal damage to enemies
  • Four stars – Physical damage received is reduced by 2%, even if Colossus Arms are not deployed
  • Five stars – Colossus Arms last for up to 30 seconds, and all damage you take when they’re active is reduced by 20%

As you can see, the Colossus Arms are a juggernaut offensively, but after upgrading them, you even receive significant defensive buffs. This helps put them out in front of our favorite Relics in Tower of Fantasy and our recommendation for the SSR Relic you choose with your choice box.