Which weapons have been nerfed or buffed in Season One of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War?

Has your favorite gun fallen victim to a nerf?

Image via Activision

With Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Season One arriving much later than expected, there is certainly a handful of weapons that have gone unchecked for long enough – whether being too weak or just far too strong. Luckily, its inaugural season has brought balance to the force that is Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer; here are all of the guns that have been tuned.

All weapon nerfs

Thanks to a YouTuber by the name of JGOD, files listing all weapon changes made via Season One have been uncovered and are incredibly specific as to what has been patched. First and foremost, there are only five weapons that have been downgraded, those being: the Milano, AUG, Gallo, M82, and AK74u. 

Most notably, the Gallo has taken the biggest hit by Season One, with its rate of fire going from 212 to 189. Luckily, most tactical rifles have gone untouched, but the AUG’s damage does see a minor decrease, going from 54 to 51. As many expected the M16 to receive its long-overdue nerf, it has somehow managed to remain the same. Though, we don’t imagine it being for much longer.

All weapon buffs

The biggest winner in the Season One update is undoubtedly the FFAR 1. The gun’s range has been boosted by over 50%; meanwhile, its horizontal recoil becomes much more steady, dropping from 210 to 180.

Formerly known as the Barret .50Cal, the M82 is now a heck of a lot easier to aim due to its lone vertical recoil buff, lowering it graciously from 1040 to 960. Aside from the M82 and FFAR 1, the Milano and KSP have also received a buff, but only see a slight increase in range capability.

Below, you can take a look at all of JGOD’s in-depth findings; however, he does state some SMGs still “need testing.”

Via JGODTY’s Twitter account