Who are the Back to Old School featured program bosses in MLB The Show 22?

It’s that time of the year.

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With August coming to an end, many students in the United States have either already returned to school, or will be in the coming days. MLB The Show 22 is also heading back to school, by way of the Back to Old School featured program that is scheduled to begin on September 1. This new program will come with new rewards and new bosses, but which players will be featured in this event? Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

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Lou Gehrig

“The Iron House” already received his own program earlier this year, celebrating the day that MLB sets aside to raise awareness and funds towards ALS. Now, a 99 OVR player item of the iconic Yankees first baseman will be inserted into MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty.

World Series champion and former American League MVP Lou Gehrig is the first featured program boss for the Back to Old School featured program in Diamond Dynasty.

Billy Wagner

Gehrig is not the only boss for this featured program, as there are two other names that will be bosses. The second player who is a Back to Old School boss is one of the game’s most intimidating relievers. A seven-time All-Star and a pitcher who has over 400 MLB saves to his name, left-hander Billy Wagner is the second boss for this program.

Chipper Jones

The third and final boss for this program is a Baseball Hall of Famer and one of the game’s all-time greatest switch hitters. A star from the Atlanta Braves, this individual seemingly did it all: an MVP award, a World Series championship, an eight-time All-Star and over 400 home runs to go along with a career batting average of over .300. Braves legend Chipper Jones is the third boss of the Back to Old School program.

We will update this guide to reflect any future information regarding the Back to Old School program in MLB The Show 22.