Who are the voice actors for Dehya in Genshin Impact? Answered

Who is the voice of the Eremites?

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One of the most prominent members of the Eremites, Dehya, is a strong Desertfolk mercenary from the desert regions of Sumeru in Genshin Impact. Introduced with the 3.0 update, she has grown from a major NPC into a playable character. Dehya is known by the title of Flame-mane for a good reason, as she is a proficient wielder of the Pyro element.

Besides her Pyro-based skills, she is just as skilled with a Claymore in her hands. This makes Dehya a fiery and bold protector of her people and their legacy. She also appears in the Archon quests during many parts of the Sumeru storyline. This means that the players have plenty of opportunities to hear her speak and interact, which begs the next logical question – who is voicing Dehya in Genshin Impact? Let’s find out.

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Dehya Japanese Voice Actor

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Ayaka Fukuhara is lending her voice to Dehya in the Japanese version of Genshin Impact. She has appeared in all forms of media in her homeland of Japan and has voiced characters in games and anime since 2012. For instance, she has been a part of Granblue Fantasy, Nier Reincarnation, Mega Man 11, and even the Japanese version of DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power. But perhaps her most notable roles are as Myoko in Arpeggio of Blue Steel and as Hotaru Rindō in Qualidea Code.

Dehya English Voice Actor

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Amber May is voicing Dehya in the English language version of Genshin Impact. She is a well-known voice actress best known for being the voice of the titular Barbie in several incarnations of the character. Before that, Amber lent her voice to several online shows, before appearing in anime dubs, games, children’s cartoon TV series voiceover, and more.