Who is Matt from Wii Sports? Matt meme, explained

The legend.

Image via Nintendo

For as long as Nintendo has been making gmaes, there are quite a few antagonists that might put fear in your eyes. Bowser, Ganondorf, Ridley, and more have made multiple appearances and work to give you as tough of a time as possible. None of them have put the kind of stress on players as Matt from Wii Sports, though. Here is what you need to know about this character and the meme surrounding him.

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Who is Mii Matt in Wii Sports?

Matt is an AI Mii who you can face in the Wii Sports series who has a long history of being a very difficult opponent. He is the hardest opponent to face in Boxing and Chambara, but can be faced in other sports as well.

Why is Mii Matt from Wii Sports a meme?

The Mii Matt meme started when people started overexaggerating the toughness of the character. The combination of him being the pro boxer and his cold dead stare made room for plenty of funny memes to be made setting him as the toughest fighter in history.

Like any other meme, there is some truth to Matt being a very tough challenge for players in Wii Sports. If you were not that great at boxing, you probably spent a very long time trying to get him to go down. Kids growing up with the console could look up and associate his face with everything wrong in the world. He wasn’t impossible, but the number of people who have stories of their struggle to beat him is a lot.

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Because of the meme, Matt is easily the most recognizable and memorable Mii. You can expect him to show up in any Wii Sports-related criteria going forward.