Who is Nicole in the Dead Space remake? Answered

Why does Nicole matter so much to Isaac?

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When the Dead Space remake starts, our main protagonist, Isaac Clarke, speaks with a woman named Nicole. She’s sharing how things have vastly changed on the ship, and she’s not too sure what’s going on. Isaac remarks how they are together, but they haven’t seen each other for six months. Apart from this dialogue, little is known about Nicole as a character. Here’s what you need to know about who Nicole is in the Dead Space remake and why she’s important.

Everything we know about Nicole in the Dead Space remake

Nicole Brennan is a medical officer at the Ishimura. She’s one of the biggest reasons our main character, Isaac Clarke, agreed to take the assignment to try and fix the USG Ishimura following a reported communications blackout. Long before the events of Dead Space, Isaac and Nicole had been together, but Nicole took the assignment of working on the Ishimura. This kept the two from each other for nearly six months before the game’s events.

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We want to note that learning too much about Nicole outside of the main story offers some spoilers for what happens. If you’re okay with this, continue to read about Nicole and her involvement in the Ishimura while it was overrun with Necromorphs.

When the outbreak began, Nicole was desperate to try and keep the crew alive, but with little effort. The crew’s infection grew and spread as the Necromorphs killed more as they stormed the ship from the colonists that had boarded it.

Nicole makes a handful of appearances in the Dead Space remake. She is attempting to assist Isaac in putting the Marker back on the planet and placing it in its correct spot. However, it’s revealed that she was a hallucination, and she had been one the entire time during the game. She had perished and died long before Isaac had made it onto the ship. Nearly every form of Nicole in the main Dead Space is a hallucination set on the Marker, attempting to push Isaac to return it to the planet’s surface.