Is the Dead Space remake scarier than the original?

What’s different from the original game?

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For some, the original Dead Space game was one of the scarier science fiction horror games, with the type of zombies that you have to cut off their limbs to effectively take out, rather than aiming for the head. Not only were the zombies themselves terrifying, but the atmosphere and gameplay of the game made it a remarkable entry that sparked a franchise that led to two more games. With Motive Studio’s remake, many eager players about to jump into the game wonder if the Dead Space remake is scarier than the original game.

Which is scarier, the Dead Space remake or the original game?

We can confirm the Dead Space remake is a scarier game than the original one. Not only does the remake utilize more modern graphics, giving the overall environment, enemies, and encounters far more detail, but Motive Studio utilizes a program called the Intensity Director. This is going on in the background of your game, where it’s measuring the intensity of the game and slowly amping it up and down as you progress and explore the game.

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The Intensity Director has it so random encounters occur as you explore the game and move around the Ishimura. You shouldn’t expect to battle against the same Necromorphs that pop out from the usual spots. Instead, each playthrough feels slightly different, meaning you cannot prepare for the jump scares and terrifying attacks the Necromorphs unleash against you. Each time you play, and the type of difficulty you play, the game, you will have a unique series of jump scares.

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This does come down to opinion, though. Some fans might enjoy the original game for what it was and find the Dead Space remake less scary. It is entirely up to the players who enjoy the game, but from what we can tell, Motive Studio went all out to make this a scarier retelling of the original Dead Space game.