Who is Olivia in Paper Mario: The Origami King?

Mario has a new companion in the next Paper Mario game.

Screengrab via Nintendo

A new Paper Mario game is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and it’s called Paper Mario: The Origami King. Mario has to face various Origami-themed foes, and part of the paper Mushroom Kingdom has been folded into unique paper constructions by King Olly, the Origami King. Along the way, Mario encounters Olivia, a new companion who assists him in his adventure to save Princess Peach, who has been folded into an original Origami shape.

We know that Olivia has ties to King Olly, as the two are siblings. She is King Olly’s sister, and why she’s willing to assist Mario remains a mystery. You see her in the trailer as the floating, yellow-colored Origami figure stuck to the wall, and then she’s following Mario throughout his adventure.

Because she is King Olly’s sister, we can expect some family ties to play into the mystery of learning about where King Olly comes from and why he’s done this to the Mushroom Kingdom.

With an Origami companion, Mario will likely lean on how to learn about to use several of his new powers as continues on his adventure. One of these powers is the 1,000-Fold Arms ability, which he can use in combat and while attempting to complete puzzles in the game.

Olivia will likely serve as Mario’s ket guide to learn about how to Origami-based attacks, how to fight Origami foes, and how to change things back from their newly folded structures. The game releases on July 17. You can pre-order the game now before it releases to ensure you can pre-load the game to prepare your Nintendo Switch.