Who is Rhapsody’s voice actor in Apex Legends Mobile?

Another prolific voice actress joins Apex Legends.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Rhapsody is the brand new Legend that will debut exclusively on Apex Legends Mobile. At the time of this writing, Rhapsody is planned to remain a mobile-exclusive character, don’t expect her to be on console versions of Apex Legends at launch. Many high-profile voice actors have done work for Apex Legends, giving life to many fan-favorite Legends. Rhapsody is no different and will be voiced by a prolific voice actor.

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Who voices Rhapsody in Apex Legends Mobile?

We’ve heard Rhapsody’s voice in the Distortion Launch trailer for the character. Some fans may have recognized the actress through the trailer, but Respawn made the official announcement on its Twitter account. The talented Xanthe Huynh voices Rhapsody. Huynh also excitedly tweeted the news on her account, saying it’s her “absolute pleasure” to play Rhapsody.

Huynh is a prolific voice actress featured in countless video games and anime. Her most notable video game works are Marianne from Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Haru from Persona 5. She’s also had supporting roles in anime like PokémonPuella Magi Madoka MagicaHunter x Hunter, and Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon. She joins other prolific voice actors like Roger Craig Smith, Mela Lee, Erica Luttrell, and Allegra Clark in Apex Legends.

Rhapsody is a Support character that uses sound-based moves and techniques. She can see and visualize opposing players from as far as 50 meters away. She restores up to two bars of all her allies’ shields with the Hype Anthem, and she can summon a vibrant wall that blocks sight and can scan opponents on the opposite end. The wall is not solid, meaning you can fire from either side. Rhapsody is a good support character who will be a popular character to use in Apex Legends Mobile.