Who is Temmie from Undertale? Temmie backstory, explained

FOOB, indeed.

Image via Toby Fox

Indie darling Undertale is filled with dozens of charming characters that fit the cozy, creepy vibe of the monster world. Depending on who you ask, the Temmie is one of the cutest or most annoying creatures you’ll ever meet. They are chock-full of uWu speak and love a good box of Temmie Flakes. If you encounter a Temmie during your nostalgic Undertale run, here’s all you need to know about them.

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What is a Temmie?

Although the first Temmie you meet says Temmie as if the name is unique to that Temmie, a Temmie is an entire species of monsters underground. They are all identical, pup-like creatures with white fur, blue shirts, and black hair. Only two Temmies show any individuality. One is the Tem Shop Temmie, who has gray hair, a striped shirt, and a desire to go to college. The other is a Temmie named Bob, who looks like everyone else but speaks perfect English instead of the broken uWu speak.

Like all other monsters, Temmies in the wild will fight you on sight. However, to spare a Temmie, you can give them Temmie Flakes or flex at them.

If you want to make friends with Temmies, you can find even more of them at Temmie Village.

Where is the Temmie Village location in Undertale

Temmie Village can be found in an elusive part of the Waterfall region of Undertale. Look for the entrance in a room full of fluorescent mushrooms.

In Temmie Village, you can do a few things. You can talk to the Temmies, save with “determination,” and go to the Tem Shop. This shop is unique because it’s the only place in the game that lets players sell their items, too. It’s also where you get one of the best items in the game: the Temmie Armor. This is the best armor for people playing Undertale’s Pacifist Route.

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Other Tem Shop items include Temmie Flakes, Temmie Flakes (Premium), and the Tem Shop owner’s college fund.

What is the history behind Temmies and Temmie Village?

That’s a complicated question. While Temmies are said to have a rich history, it is never directly explained to the player. It’s mentioned by the Tem Shop owner if you send her to college, and you can find mysterious pixel art in the game of a Temmie riding a dragon. But otherwise, the backstory of these strange creatures has been left a mystery.

What’s Temmie’s lore behind the scene?

The Temmies are named after the artist who helped Toby Fox create the game, Temmie Chang. They are a direct homage to her. Also, the “Tem Shop” is a play on words of the common adventure game mechanic, the “Item Shop.”