Who is Xivu Arath in Destiny 2?

Another Hive god is on the move.

Image via Bungie

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The start of Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph has players directly dealing with Hive forces working alongside the Scorn as they attempt to assault multiple Warmind bunkers throughout the system. These Hive forces are led by Xivu Arath, a character you’ll often hear throughout Season of the Seraph. Here’s what you need to know about who Xivu Arath is in Destiny 2 and their role in the story.

What you need to know about Xivu Arath in Destiny 2

Xivu Arath is the Hive God of War, the younger sister to Savathûn and Oryx, both Hive foes you’ve been battling against for several years in the Destiny series. Xivu Arath is a significant character spoken about in Destiny 2. They have been referred to a handful of times for directly delegating her forces in the system during the smaller story beats. For example, her forces were the ones that were attacking the Dreaming City after several of her forces escaped the Prison of Elders when the Scorn broke free. She also rallied forces throughout the system and against the Cabal when their homeworld fell. She is the reason Empress Caiatl, now an ally to the Guardians, reached out for an alliance with Zaval.

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It looks like for the Season of the Seraph; she might be directly working with the Witness to establish footholds or obtain information at the Seraph bunkers throughout the system. Although it had been hinted that she was taking orders from someone, she seems a likely ally to the Witness and could be a significant player in Lightfall or in the seasons following that expansion. Right now, her forces will be the primary concern during this Season.

Xivu Arath is the God of War for the Hive and will continue to be a major threat. We can expect to hear her name shared throughout the Season of Seraph and likely beyond it. It’s doubtful we’ll deal with her eliminating her this Season, and she will likely be a boss in the future.