Why is chat not working in Destiny 2? Why you can’t chat in Destiny 2

Silence is golden.

Image via Destiny 2 YouTube

The chat feature in Destiny 2 is a critical way players can talk to each other while playing to ensure they’re on the same page and a good way to communicate without voice chat. Unfortunately, some problems can occur with it. This guide will cover why the chat in Destiny 2 is not working and why you cannot chat while playing the game.

Why is Destiny 2 chat turned off?

Typically when the chat is not working in Destiny 2, it’s because a player might have internet problems. We’d usually recommend they turn off their consoles, reset Destiny 2, and try to load it back up again. However, over the weekend, several Destiny 2 players discovered they could cause the game to crash against their opponents, and they were able to win Trial games instantly. Specifically, these errors would cause the opposing players to have a Weasel error, and they would be forced out of the game.

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If you’re finding that you cannot talk through Destiny 2, this is the core reason. Bungie has temporarily removed this function to find the source of the issue, and they are actively working on it to ensure all players do not experience these problems. The team does not have a set time on when they can fix it. For now, players will need to wait until the function returns before they can communicate in Destiny 2. We recommend attempting to use outside voice channels, such as Discord or even your platform’s voice chat.

Before the system was shut down, multiple players in the community recommneded that those who wanted to protect themselves would manually shut off the in-game whisper channel, preventing a crash from occurring. Hopefully, Bungie arrives at a solution, and they can turn this service back on for everyone to use.