Why was your social media account suspended in BitLife, and how do you fix it?

Social media can be a cruel place.


Image via Candywriter LLC

It’s not uncommon to cause trouble on a social media page, and in BitLife, it can lead to your account being suspended. When a suspension happens, you cannot interact on the page, make posts, or keep up with your follower count. It bars you from doing anything. Why did it happen, and what can you do to fix it?

Why was your social media account suspended?

The reason your BitLife character receives a suspension on their social media account varies. It can happen if you attempt to troll another user who trolls you first. You may make fun of someone or post an inappropriate video or tweet that doesn’t meet the website’s guidelines. Shortly after the inappropriate post or rude behavior to the other individual, the game notifies you a suspension is happening, and you won’t be able to use your social media account.dia platform.

However, it can also happen for no reason whatsoever. You could be posting a Challenge video on your TikTok account, or you could be sharing a vlog on your Twitter. Sometimes, the suspension comes without warning or a viable reason. Unfortunately, there’s little you can do to prevent it because when the suspension happens, you can only do one thing from there, and that’s to appeal to the people who own the social media platform.

How to fix a suspension on your social media account

After your social media account is suspended the only option is to submit an appeal. These are the options available for your appeal:

  • Act confused
  • Apologize to them
  • Claim a misunderstanding
  • Threaten them
  • Write an angry email

Of the available options, acting confused, apologizing to them, or claiming a misunderstanding have the best results to remove the suspension. For obvious reasons, the options to threaten them or writing an angry email usually doesn’t work. It’s an aggressive, and overly rude option that continues to make your character look bad, further proving you don’t deserve to have that social media account returned.

It can be unfortunate to have your social media account suspended for no reason. If you can patiently submit appeals and steadily build up your followers, you can prosper on social media in BitLife.