Why Your Machines Are Stuck in My Time at Sandrock

There are a couple of reasons why your machine won’t work in My Time at Sandrock, and I’ve got the perfect fix.

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Though you’ve accepted this massive task of satisfying the Sandrock townsfolk’s every building need, that doesn’t mean you can’t take any help. And no, I’m not talking about Mi-an, I mean your reliable gadgets – the Recycler, Grinder, and their crew.

In my experience, Machines have been a pain to build and keep running in the game. However, they’re a necessary evil. Don’t get me wrong, your character is great. But there’s just no way they can swallow a bunch of ore and spit ingots. Alas, learning how to assemble and get machines to work is a must. However, more often than not, they’ll stop running for several reasons. So, consider this your direct line to Sandrock Machine customer support.

How Do Machines Work in My Time at Sandrock

Machine Error Sandrock
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Machines need three things to work: fuel, water, and a clean environment. The first two can be supplied with direct objects, while the third requires a unique tool that every home should have.

How to Get More Fuel in My Time at Sandrock

There are four types of fuel in Sandrock, which are all obtained differently:

  • Dregs: obtained by recycling any type of scrap
  • Wood: obtained by recycling Wood Scrap or by chopping trees or shrubs.
  • Power Stones: obtained by recycling Stone, Copper, or Iron Scrap.
  • Condensed Power Stones: purchased from the Commerce Guild Store.

To add more fuel to a machine, interact with the machine that’s running out of fuel and add the necessary amount. You can also choose to auto-add fuel to save some time.

How to Get More Water in My Time at Sandrock

Water Machines Sandrock
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For machines to work properly, you’ll also need to keep the water tank filled up. Inside your water tank menu, check out the machine’s operating hours based on tank water percentage, plus each machine’s hourly water consumption. For instance, the Processor guzzles 0.66% water per hour.

There are three ways to get water in My Time at Sandrock:

  • Buy a 5-liter jar of water (or more) for 41 Gold in Water World. For each 5-liter jar you put in your tank, it will increase by 3%.
  • Get Dew from local plants and craft water at your Workbench. While this will cost you no more than the fuel to make each jar of water, it will take three times as long. 
  • Build a Dew Collector. In exchange for a couple of data disks at the research center, you can unlock this blueprint. Then collect a Wooden Stick, Basic Leather, 2 Stone Troughs, and 2 Marble Bricks to build it. 

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How to Clean Machines in My Time at Sandrock

Hate to break it to you, but deserts aren’t the cleanest environments. From time to time, your machines will start gathering dust. If too much dust accumulates around your machines, they won’t be able to work. To fix this, you must craft a Feather Duster at the Worktable using 2 Wooden Sticks, 4 Feathers and 2 Thin Threads.